We are, what we are
the children of the sun
The children of the rain
We walk, the way we walk
with carefree attitude
Just live with sunny days
No matter what kind of place,
We break down just the same

Somewhere behind the sun
the birds will always sing
For those who walk along
No matter what kind of skin,
Song's carried by the wind

Oh oh we are
These calls you can't deny you hear in the morning
These tears that fall and feed the earth so deserving
I tell you we are children of the sun

We talk, the way we talk
We're children of the fire, we're children of desire
No reason to be afraid, today can't be yesterday
And we will see the light of day

Oh oh we are
The stars you can't help but see cause they're shining
The sound of reason speaking out, hear it crying
I tell you we are only one
I tell you we are
The voices crying out each day without warning
A pulse that beats out just the same, no discerning
I tell you we are all of one


Francis Jocky